INSITU.ASIA is an artists’ travelogue. The ongoing project presents poetic places in Asia to a global audience through exhibitions, performances and artists' books.

In every edition, artists travel to a place to perceive it, and then branch off to create original works—artist maps—maps that are not necessarily cartographic. Artist maps are real and imagined, truthful and subjective, private and public, all at the same time. Though the maps reference the common ground that the artists walked on as a group, their revelation is of each artist’s internal construct of a place; places are interiorities.

With a growing global interest in Asia, INSITU.ASIA explores this dynamic region at 1:1 scale through the diverse perspectives, beliefs and histories of artists across nationalities and cultures. In presenting anew places in Asia, we work with partners, government bodies, institutions, cultural organisations, corporations, groups and individuals, who share the belief that poetic places possess the power to inspire and to draw people together.

Conceived by visual artist Boedi Widjaja and produced by art practice Beautiful/Banal