David Letellier and Boedi Widjaja, Palimpsest, 2012

Live Art, 40:00 min, 2012
Conceived and performed by David Letellier and Boedi Widjaja,
incorporating video work by Taisuke Koyama and Weehan Yeo
Artist Statement

Palimpsest was conceived to debut at international digital arts festival Bains Numeriques #7. It was made in response to the positioning of digital technology at the exterior of human consciousness where it is the other – a subject/object that may be described as tool, language, culture, artificial life, virtual space, city or global network. As with all types of others, technology is assigned a form, albeit varied, its representation related to the type of metaphor and aesthetic that we culturally associate with it.

The work attempts to absorb digital technology into a kind of interiority; into a qualitative element that is present within the primary gestures of our human consciousness and internal processes. Now perceived to exist in the artist's creative impulses, technology no longer require a shape; it being made present through the artist's physical intervention in the social situation of a live art performance. In this instance technology, far from being outside the artist, is deeply ingrained into his movements and actions, no longer a medium but is to be found within the aura of the artist's live presence on stage.

2012. 09:58 min video documentation. As performed on 14 June 2012 at Bains Numeriques #7, France.
Footage by Véronique Godé and team, on behalf of Centre des Arts. Edited by David Gan.

2012. 12:43 min video, includes interviews with artists. Produced by Centre des arts studios and
directed by Véronique Godé.