Taisuke Koyama, Physical Forest, 2011

Giclée prints, 60 x 90cm
Artist Statement

Before I arrived onto Fort Canning Hill, I knew little about the hill’s history in association with Japan, my country. Even after I found out more about this history, it was difficult for me to feel its hard reality when I was standing on the hill.

All I felt, as the humidity overwhelmed my body, was the spirit of the ground and fresh forests: the brilliant sounds of the birds; snakes and geckoes climbing up tree trunks; and a thick bunch of trees with epiphytic plants all over their bodies.

Nature changes constantly, it grows as how time flows silently.

I had an activity entitled "Body in Space" as one of the INSITU programs during my stay. Through the experience of Taichi and vocal training, I learned the distance and movements between my body and space.

Just as what we did in "Body in Space," for my Physical Forest series, I stood on Fort Canning Hill and attempted to capture my body movements into photography. By doing so I wanted to communicate with the air of this heritage hill.

Fort Canning Hillは歴史的に日本とも関連の深い場所だが、 この地に来るまで、僕はその歴史についてほとんど知らなかった。

身体中にまとわりつく蒸し暑さの中で体感するのは生々しい森と大地の気配ばかりで、 かつて起こった歴史にリアリティを感じる事は難しかった。

鮮やかな鳥の鳴き声、樹の幹を登っていく蛇やトカゲ、 全身に着生植物をまといながら鬱蒼と生える樹々。


シンガポールに滞在している間、INSITUのプログラムで「body in space」というアクティビティを体験した。 太極拳をやったり、身体の底から声を出したりして、身体と空間の距離や動きを体感した。

body in space、まさにその言葉通り、「Fort Canning Hill」という名の場所に身を置き、 そして写真の中に自分自身の身体の動きを写し込む事。 そうすることで、少しでもこの森の空気と交わる事ができればと考えた。