Taisuke Koyama and Boedi Widjaja, Physical Forest/Feed Back, 2011

Video, 8:30 min, 2011
Conceived by Taisuke Koyama and Boedi Widjaja,
filmed by Taisuke Koyama and edited by David Gan.
Produced by Beautiful/Banal. Presented as part of
INSITU Fort Canning Hill performance by Kangding Ray.

Artist Statement

Physical Forest/Feed Back was an iteration of High Speed Slide Show. Koyama first conceptualised the latter, an installation which projected thousands of photographs at a rate of 10 pictures per second, in 2006. As each image flashed rapidly into a blur, the question of consciousness/unconsciousness and visibility/invisibility of seeing surfaced.

In Physical Forest/Feed Back, the high-speed slideshow was not projected onto a white wall within a gallery space, but onto the surfaces of Fort Canning Hill. At least two thousand photographs, taken during the production of Physical Forest, were projected onto the hill’s trees and walls in the dark of the night, and Koyama filmed this projection.

The video was presented at the INSITU Fort Canning Hill performance to the sampled sounds of electronica musician Kangding Ray playing live on the bonang, a traditional Javanese instrument consisting of small gongs placed onto strings in a wooden frame.